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Our Approach

Focus on the outcome
  • 1.  We Listen

    This is the first part of our research to understand what you want to achieve and where you want to get to. Things like, increasing your Google page ranking or using Adwords to attract new customers/ target a specific customers.

    Telling us about your business, what your customers are like, as this helps create a customised solution and generate faster results.      

  • 2. We Learn and Interpret

    This is the second part of the research. Rank the factors which have an important and immediate impact. We look at external factors such as what competitors are doing to understand how it impacts on your objectives.

    We provide solutions based on our experience of what works. We also recommend what is achievable and realistic. 

  • 3. We Make a Strategy and Plan

    Creating the plan also means setting targets, timeframes, and ways to measure progress. This creates a clear path forward. It's a check to see if the actions are actually working.

    We also explain what impact such changes may have on your business, so you are prepared. More emails to respond to may mean extra resources to maitain service levels.

  • 4.  We Implement Rapidly

    We agree on a time to start. And from then its all action.

    We touch base regularly to tell you how its progressing. We let you know in advance when we need your input; such as agreeing on new content, changes to advertising, training if necessary.  

  • 5.   We Analyse, Monitor, Review and Adjust

    This is where our experience shines. We can quickly gauge what is working, which activities need adjusting to get back on track.

    The dynamics are constantly changing, your competitors react to your advertising, so being alert and flexible helps one stay on track, focused and proactive.  We send progress reports, along with any recommendation to modify the plan.

  • 6.  We Repeat It 

    For continued success, repeat the previous three steps. Focus on the outcome, keep what works and eliminate what doesn't, keeping your internet presence highly visible.

    By communicating the results, you also build a knowledge base for future actions.